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My Winter Skincare Routine

My Winter Skincare Routine

I know that many of you might be thinking that we’re on our way out of winter but if this cold front we just had is anything to go by (and I hear there are some more on the way) then we need to talk about winter skincare. I often struggle with tightness this time of the year that could suggest a compromised skin barrier. The skin barrier helps keep our skin happy i.e. moisturised and hydrated among a few other things, which could explain the tight feeling. Winter really likes to suck the fun and moisture out of many things including my skin.

So how do I combat that unwanted tightness? Here’s my day and night routine:


I double cleanse my face with Neostrata’s Clarifying Cleanser. It’s soap free so it won’t strip my face of any essential lipids that are necessary for a healthy barrier while the gel formula still deep cleans my skin for a clean slate.

Then I apply the Neostrata Ultra Day Time Smoothing Cream. It contains Glycolic and other Alpha Hydroxy Acids that help exfoliate and target fine lines AND pigmentation. What’s great is that it has an SPF 20, but for added protection I’ll add a layer of Heliocare 360 Fluid Cream SPF 50. I also like using an eye cream during the day. This area can really get dry during the winter – Neostrata’s Bionic Eye Cream Plus takes away dark circles and puffiness thanks to the vitamin K in it.


I make sure to remove all my make-up first using Sorbet’s Salon Skin 3-in-1 Cleansing Micellar Water. Then I’ll double cleanse using the Neostra Clarifying Cleanser using luke warm water, pat dry and apply the Neostrata Renewal Cream. It’s a targeted night treatment cream that contains a form of vitamin A and vitamin E to address all my anti-ageing concerns. I’ll finish it off with a dab of eye cream before I get into bed.

I try to keep my skin routine simple and use products with active ingredients that work hard to address my skin concerns. I also love adding a serum or booster specifically formulated to address dryness, like Dermalogica’s Skin Hydrating Booster around the eyes and lips where I tend to dry out easily.

Why Neostrata? 

I use to struggle with acne and oily skin. Since using the Neostra range specific to my skin concerns, my skin has cleared up completely. My pores have become smaller and I have glowing skin without all the oiliness.

Winter Skincare Tips

Use products that are gentle on your skin, especially when it’s feeling stressed. Seek the advice of a skincare therapist if necessary.

Don’t underestimate the power of a double cleanse using lukewarm water.

And lastly always wear sunscreen, even if you work in an office with no natural sunlight.


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