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How to clean your makeup brushes

How to clean your makeup brushes

Do makeup brushes really need to be cleaned regularly? The short answer is YES!

Washing your face with angel tears and moisturising it with jars of unicorn dreams won’t mean anything if you’re using dirty makeup brushes on a daily basis. Consider cleaning your makeup brushes as part of a good skincare routine. Over time dirt, dust and bacteria build up between the bristles and could expose your skin and eyes to nasty infections. Not only that, but it could cause brake-outs and skin irritations. From a more functional aspect, clean makeup brushes also improve your makeup application. So, if your makeup is looking a bit meh, and you haven’t cleaned your brushed in a while, it’s time to get washing.

How often should you clean your brushes?

As a professional makeup artist, I clean my own brushes at least once a week with a quick dry brush cleaner called Blends Beauty Product’s Quick Fix Brush Cleaner – it works like charm! I also give them a thorough wash with soap and water every second week. You don’t have to go out and buy a special brush soap to clean your brushes, baby shampoo works just as well. However, Blends Beauty Products Brush Wash & Sanitizer is my go to at the moment.

If you use foundation brushes or sponges for full coverage and eyeshadow brushes on a daily basis, you’ll need to wash them at least once every second week. If you feel like it’s too much then at least try once a month. Not only will your skin be much happier but you’ll also find that application and blending will be much smoother.

How to clean your brushes

For on the go cleaning use the I clean mine with Blends Beauty Product’s Quick Fix Brush Cleaner. Spritz some Quick Fix Brush Cleaner onto the bristles and swipe them over a paper towel to get rid of excess product.

For a deep clean, I start off by soaking the bristles in water but take care not to get the base of the bristles wet. I then lather some Blends Beauty Products Brush Wash & Sanitizer into the bristles and gently massage it using a silicone brush cleaning mat. These mats make the cleaning process so much better –  it’s texturized and really helps to get the soap in between all the bristles for a better clean. A few years ago they were only available through high-end pro-brush companies and were super expensive, but lately I’ve spotted some more affordable options at Clicks and Dischem.

Rinse and repeat until the bristles run clear under clean water. Lightly squeeze out the excess water and pat with a clean dry towel. After cleaning lay them out on a towel (at a slight angle if possible) over-night to dry. Whatever you do, don’t pop them back into their pretty brush container to dry standing up. The excess water will run down into the metal shaft and loosen the glue that holds the bristles together.

And there you go! Doing this regularly will also make your brushes last longer and keep it in a good condition.

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