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Embracing The Winter Lip Trend

Embracing The Winter Lip Trend

Deep decadent lip colours can seem intimidating at first, but once you’ve embraced the berry hues you’ll never turn back. Berry lips can easily transform your whole make-up look and take you from pasty to daring in just a few swipes. Play around and have some fun figuring out what hue and formulation works best for you. Make-up should not be serious business, it’s a creative extension of your personality of which I’m sure there are many dimensions. I love it when brides like to be a bit more daring and opt for a darker shade on their wedding day. It photographs beautifully and creates a bit of drama, which is something you want for the big day.

So, what are my go to colours and formulations?

I don’t go anywhere without a good quality lip stain. I either wear it on its own for a more toned down look or I can add a creamy lip colour in the same hue underneath it for a bolder look. The lip stain helps to seal in the colour and keep everything intact throughout the day. No smudging, smearing or bleeding into fine lines.

My go-to lip colours at the moment are Smashbox Always on Matte Lipstick in Vino Noir, Kryolan Lipstain in Gospel and Rock and Stilla Stay All Day Matte’ificent in Framboise. I really love a deep wine coloured or burgundy lip, but you can never go wrong with deep pinks and of course a classic red lip.

All Ages Welcome

One of the biggest makeup myths is that you can’t wear darker lip colours once you’ve passed a certain age. Women like Maye Musk, Carmen Dell Orefice and locally our own Jackie Burger know that you don’t need to be young to sport a berry lip. As long as you find the right shade and formulation, there is no reason why you can’t wear darker hues.

Prep the Lips

Make sure the lips are properly prepped before application because this will determine how the colour wears throughout the day. If you’re opting for a matte formulation this is even more important – dry flaky lips do not go well with matte lipsticks. Lightly exfoliate your lips and then apply a moisturising balm before applying the lip colour. If you’re worried that the balm might make the lip colour slip, you can lightly dab away the oil before application.

It’s All About Balance

Unless it’s evening make-up, and even then, it’s all about balancing out the look. Try not to go too heavy with your eye makeup when you wear your bold lip. One focus point at a time.

The X-factor

Lastly and maybe most importantly – wear it with confidence. If you’re going to be self-conscious, constantly pursing your lips, touching it and asking a friend every 5 minutes if it still looks okay, the look will wear you down. It’s all about embracing the statement and owning it.

Put In the Time & Effort

If you really want to invest in finding the right shade and formulation it’s worth putting in some time and maybe a bit more cash. Read reviews, ask friends what they’re wearing (or even a stranger) and spend time in the make-up isle or at the make-up counter. One good quality lipstick or stain will last you the whole season.

Now it’s your turn – what are your favourite winter lip colours and formulations?


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