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The Capsule Wardrobe

The Capsule Wardrobe

It seems that every month our budgets get a little bit tighter, expenses get higher and the fashion trends keep on coming with absolutely no indication to slow down whatsoever. It used to be that we had four seasons that could easily be grouped together as Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter, which by the way is the format the big fashion houses still use. However, fast fashion and big brand retail stores have helped to create a relentless cycle of 52 micro-seasons that each has their own trend. So if you’re stuck with a bomber jacket you’ve only worn twice and a netted dress situation you thought looked good when you tried it on – you can blame it on the trends from 2016 and the fast fashion industry. Fast forward a few seasons and you’re stuck with an overflowing closet and nothing to wear. This is where the capsule wardrobe enters and I promise it will make life so much better.

So let’s get started…

What is a Capsule Wardrobe (CW)?

Trends are great, but it’s not always functional. With a CW you’ll have the freedom to easily put together great looking outfits every morning and still look (and feel) great. It focusses more on style and less on fashion, which should ultimately be your goal.
Think of it as a mini wardrobe consisting of versatile pieces that you can mix and match no matter what the occasion. A CW helps you to get more from your wardrobe with fewer clothes and essentially it’s a minimalist way of downsizing your closet into something truly functional.

Who needs a CW?

Really everyone needs a CW, but it’s especially for someone that feels overwhelmed by their over-stuffed closet and no idea what to wear every morning. A CW will help you save time and money while still looking good. It’s all about wearing quality pieces that are carefully styled and completed with curated accessories.
You can still have fun with a CW and experiment with trends, but your CW will be your foundation and you’ll be able to seamlessly transition from every season and look good while doing it. The CW is for any shape, personality, age and gender.

What are the advantages of having a CW?

The most obvious advantage of a CW is of course that it’s a quick and easy way to put an outfit together. It takes away the frustration of going through like a gazillion items each morning to get dressed.

We all have that one friend that always looks put together and stylish without ever adhering to the season’s biggest trends. Her secret weapon is probably a CW, but that doesn’t mean that she ignores trends, she just knows which ones speak to her personal style and how to incorporate them with her basics to go with each season. It’s the best way to make that trend your own. It fits your style personality, your lifestyle, body shape skin tone and hair colour.

With a CW you buy what you actually need and not necessarily what’s in fashion, which is a good thing in the end. You’ll save so much money which you put aside for that investment piece you’ve eyed for like forever. Most women only wear 20% of the clothes in their closet, while the other 80% are just taking up unnecessary space and making you feel anxious. Think about it like this: If one item cost on average R300, how much money is just gathering dust in your cupboard?

Lastly, your closet will be less cluttered, you’ll have more space, feel less stressed and you’re closet and style will be simplified.

What winter basics can take you through from winter to summer?

These items should be the basics of your capsule for each season.
– You can’t go wrong with a pair of fitted jeans that compliment your body shape.
– A beautiful dress that fits your shape and style. At the moment I love a long floral dress. You can dress it up or down in winter and summer. Changing a couple of accessories, shoes etc and it can work for any occasion.
– A well-tailored jacket is a must and it that can transition from winter to summer.

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